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Minimum viable game finished (DevLog #1)

by | 2021-02-27 | Game-Dev, Psycho-Bathroom Devlogs

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Game Devlog Summary:

Basic core game loop completed. Currently consisting of 4 levels where they will loop forever with added difficulty (Also more money earned at higher levels).

Game Features Completed:

Basic Movement and Combat

Run, jump, wall-jump, attack, attack up, attack down.

Health System

Health point, take damage, invincible time, hurt, die.

Money System

Money earned is calculated base on 1. current level, 2.health at the end of each level, 3. max combo, and 4. hits.

Shop system

Dynamically change item price according to pre-determined formulas.

Currently available items:

  • Plastic protection – increases max health point by 1 until you are hit.
  • Power upgrade – increases your attack damage permanently.
  • Toilet lid – trigger ending cutscene (cutscene to be added).

Win / Lose Cutscenes

Different cutscenes will be loaded dynamically based on the remaining health point at the end of the level.

Level progression

Progresses to the next level if the player’s health point is larger than 0 at the end of the level.

AI of 5 enemies and 1 boss.

Enemies with different movement and attack patterns.

To-Do List:

  • Ending cutscene.
  • An easier boss.
  • An exclusive super cool special move for subscribers
  • Fix the bugs of dash and wall slide.
  • Double jump

Might-Do List:

  • Attack range upgrade
  • Story – the relationship between player and DDmeow (master)
  • Advanced dialogue system – dynamic dialogue base of game progression.
  • Additional weapon – gun.
  • Tutorial with nicer UI

Bugs To Be fixed:

  • Opening animation not loading (or loading very slow) sometimes (pre-load streaming asset?)
  • Loading the same scene where the play left off instead of always loading the combat scene.


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