Cyber Paradise

Revive Mini the Dog digitally through 2D roguelite actions; recover the dog’s memories and craft her cyber paradise with beloved moments, like sniffing dog butts XD. Uncover a deeper dystopian narrative and strengthen friendships in cafe chats—a frenetic yet cozy journey.

Genre: 2D Action / Roguelite / RPG

DDmeow Games

A wife-wife gamedev team making emotional, weird and frenetic indie games. Our first indie game, Psycho Bathroom, has earned over 100 very positive reviews with a $0 marketing budget. It has received reviews like "one of the most emotionally satisfying games", "a bizarre and addictive 2D action boss-rush with VN elements and quotes from scientific journals". 1.5 years into development, our second title, Cyber Paradise, has already won 7 game awards and has been featured more than 40 times by media in multiple countries. The WIP demo has been praised as "engaging gameplay with an emotionally charged narrative" and "A Heartfelt Roguelike Adventure."
Cyber Paradise Kickstarter Coming Soon – Register Your Interest Now

Cyber Paradise Kickstarter Coming Soon – Register Your Interest Now

We’re thrilled to have close to 10k players enjoying Psycho Bathroom! To celebrate this milestone, we’re back with an exciting update on the sequel to Psycho Bathroom, now officially titled Cyber Paradise! Alongside the title reveal, we’re preparing for a Kickstarter campaign to make the game the best it can be!

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About DDmeow

DDmeow is our team mascot. It stands for Dog Dog Meows – a dog that meows.

This fictional character (of course!) comes from a planet in Andromeda Galaxy, which is approximately 2.5 million light-years away from Earth. Our games and animations are set on this planet as well as Earth. Timelines include the period before and after DDmeow’s immigration to Earth. Her story is scattered across our animations and games.



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