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We are two female game developers dedicated to making weird, fun and story-rich games. One of us is from Hong Kong, and the other is from Taiwan.

We released our first game Psycho Bathroom on Steam in 2022. It has unexpectedly received over 100 very positive reviews. (Follow our Steam page here!) The overwhelming reception of the game has pushed us further down the path of game development, and we have officially begun the production of the unnamed sequel to Psycho Bathroom in Dec 2022. It’s expected to be released in Q1 of 2024.

DDmeow is the name of a character in our game(s). DD stands for Dog Dog. DDmeow is a dog that meows.

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Pinkhead Lamb


Comes from Hong Kong. Has been making animation for over ten years. Gamer for life. Loves anything quirky and funny. Favourite game genre – action-adventure.

Responsible for: animation, graphics, some pixel art, game programming, game design, world building, part of story-telling, odd and funny ideas, character design, website and anything technical.

Walking Dreams

Walking Dreams (Yu Hu)

Comes from Taiwan. Loves cooking and tidying up. Favourite game genre – narrative games. Believes having a happy life means walking between reality and dreams. Every slice of life resonates with different meanings and feelings. Life is just like a meandering river.

Responsible for: part of story-telling, character development, voice acting, some pixel art.

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