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More skills available! (DevLog #3)

by | 2021-04-30 | Game-Dev, Psycho-Bathroom Devlogs

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Game Devlog Summary:

Fixed all the bugs (that I know of) of dash and wall slide. Added double jump and restructured all the abilities scripts thanks to a new Unity course I took. Abilities can be bought in the shop scene. Improved UX and game feel.

New Game Features:


Can be bought in the shop scene.

Double Jump

Can be bought in the shop scene.

Wall Slide

Can be used from the beginning of the game.


It shows how many time you have beaten the game in the menu scene.

Game Programming / Technical Stuff:

C# Inheritance

Previously I put all the abilities code in one script. It was a mess and made it hard to expend. Thanks to this course “Metroidvania Toolkit: Make a 2D Action Platformer in Unity“, I learnt to split them into different scripts with inheritance. Although on the outside it looks that same, I feel so much better seeing my scripts all organized.

Video Loading Problem

Firstly, I compressed the videos with low-quality settings. It halved the size.

Then I preload the videos before they are required. The Opening video is preloaded before the menu. The 2 ending videos are preloaded at the core game scene, cut scene, and shop scene.

A downloadable PC version of the game. For someone willing to take the time to download, unzip and open the game on their computer. It solves all the loading problems.

To-Do List:

  • Tutorial loaded dynamically according to newly acquired skills
  • A more user-friendly shop UI
  • More bosses and enemies
  • An exclusive super cool special move for subscribers
  • More nice effects to improve game feel
  • Pause and option menu

Might-Do List:

  • Story – the relationship between player and DDmeow (master)
  • Advance dialogue system – dynamic dialogue base of game progression.
  • Additional weapon – gun.
  • Attack range upgrade

Bugs To Be fixed:

  • Firefox won’t load videos
  • DDmeow’s nose at the end scene turned black. It should be green


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