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Secret companions+ (DevLog #5)

by | 2021-06-25 | Game-Dev, Psycho-Bathroom Devlogs

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use Game Devlog Summary:

Our Steam store page is up and we’ve put a wishlist button in the game. New game features added in this version (v0.8): secret companions, exclusive special move for subscribers, high combo rewards, 1 new boss, point multiplier for hit combos. We’ve also adjusted the item prices, made the graphic more colourful, improved the shop UI.  Now the game feels more fun and complete.

Secret Companions:

After beating the game, the player will acquire a random companion. At the moment there are only 2 companions available. Each has different abilities. More will be added later.


Exclusive Special Move for Subscribers:

Subscribers will get the redeem code from our newsletter welcome email. Input the code in the game shop to acquire this special move. When the hit streak gets to 20, the player will get into a frantic state.

Devlog5-exclusive special move for subscribers

Point Multiplier for High Combo:

X2 for 8 hit streaks, X3 for 16 hit streaks, etc. More incentive for not getting hit now!

Devlog5-point multiplier

New Boss:

A new boss that requires the player to use dash ability to dodge the attack. Dash is not useless now.

Devlog5-new boss

Items Prices Adjusted:

It is done after many playtesting to balance the game. It is done in a way that players (except for expert players) will acquire abilities one by one.

Confirmation Before Purchase:

It will pop up a confirmation before buying.

More Colours:

Added texture in the background. It looks more pleasing.

To-Do List:

  • Pause and option menu
  • Hide cursor when not in use
  • Save keyboard/controller preference
  • More secret companions
  • More nice effects to improve game feel
  • More bosses and enemies that utilise the new skills
  • Increase difficulty
  • turn down the music when health is low
  • Controller vibration (for PC version on Steam only)
  • Achievements (for PC version on Steam only)

Might-Do List:

  • Story – the relationship between player and DDmeow (master) + DDMeow back story
  • Advance dialogue system – dynamic dialogue base of game progression.
  • Better narrative story to articulate the core message

Bugs To Be fixed:

  • Firefox blocks pop up and can’t detect controller sometimes (may give up on Firefox in the end)
  • stop heartbeat when gained back health
  • Layers are weird (sorting group)
  • Sometimes audio won’t play (completely restructure the sound system, again)
  • Some SFX is too low for WebGL (may give up)



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