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Audiio Stock Music and Sound Effects – Pros and Cons (Coupon code inside)

by | 2021-12-05 | Game-Dev

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I have been using stock music and sound effects for personal and clients’ projects for over ten years. There are so many stock music licensing services out there it wasn’t until last year that I found my near-perfect match- Audiio (This is my affiliate link). Here are the pros and cons of Audiio :

Pro – Lifetime Membership For Unlimited Download

With a one time payment, you can use their current and future music / SFX for a lifetime! And unlike many other online merchants, their definition of a lifetime is 100 years. (There are many “lifetime” deals out there that only cover you for five years! Yes, they only expect you to live for five years! But not for Audiio . Audiio expects you to live for 100 years).


Their Lifetime Music licenses include usage in all media projects except TV, OTT (i.e. Netflix, Desney+ etc.) and theatrical films. If you need to use the music in these areas, you have to buy their yearly plan – Audiio Pro, which I think is fair.

There is also a Lifetime SFX where the licenses include all media projects with no exception.

These lifetime deals are supposed to be for a limited time only. The price is increasing as they add more songs to their library. It was USD199 for Lifetime Music when I bought it last year. Now it’s become USD299. Lifetime SFX was once only USD99, and now it’s USD199.

Pro – License Includes Usages in Video Games

After working as an animator for over ten years, I ventured into game development a year ago. I then realized not all music licensing services allow usage in games. Luckily, Audiio isn’t one of them. They have stated explicitly in their terms:

Audiio customers can download any song or sound effect on the platform to sync with motion pictures, films, social media, video games, podcasts, radio advertisements, audiobooks, branded content and visual media projects.

However, there is one drawback. As their sound effects are not tailored for games, you often have to trim the SFX clips to fit well. This is a game where I used an Audiio’s song for the main theme: My Bizzaire Childhood Stories-Father’s Toenails. Some of the sound effects are from Audiio too.

Pro – Safe For Youtube Monetization


When you see a $ icon at a song, it means the music is checked OK for Youtube monetization. From what I have seen, almost all of their songs have this $ sign. I have tried 10+ songs on my Youtube videos, none of them receives any copyright claim. In case you receive a copyright claim, you can still easily dispute the claim by providing their signed license. Their lifetime plan license looks like this:

You may find people complaining on forums about this Youtube copyright claim issue. But it seems these posts are all from 2020 when Audiio first came out.  From my experience, it looks like they have rectified this problem now.

Pro – No Cumbersome Restriction

  • No audience restriction. Many licensing companies require you to pay an additional fee if your audience exceeds a certain number.
  • Allow usage in more than one project. Some stock music companies charge you for the same piece of music for every single project you incorporate the music in.
  • After your membership expires, you can still use the music and sound effects you have downloaded.
  • Still protected for Youtube monetization after your membership ends. Unlike some of their counterparts, who will start monetizing your new videos with their music on Youtube.
  • No platform restriction for Audiio Pro yearly membership. Only one limitation for lifetime membership – no broadcast television, OTT streaming networks/platforms and theatrical releases. Well, if your work does so well it hits these platforms, just buy a one-year membership to get the right license. It’s fair if you earn that much.
  • Can be used for clients’ works. No separate license is needed for your client.
  • Can be used in all types of media projects, not just video.

There is one point to note though, if your company has more than USD100M in annual revenue, you will have to contact them for licensing. If I earn that much, I am sure I will have all my music custom-made.

Cons – Search Is Not As Good But…

The search is working fine for sound effects. I can’t say the same for music. It’s hard to find what I need by searching. It has, however, a pretty good filter. You can sort music according to mood, genre, instrument, theme, build, bpm, vocals, and duration.


You can add and exclude each category:

Audiio sorting

Cons – Fewer Songs Compared to Other Older Platforms

They mentioned they have 5000+ songs and will be adding 50-100 new songs every week. 5000+ is not a lot compared to 20000+ from the platform I used before. However, I am sure Audiio will grow its library to match its counterparts in a few years. Before that happens and their price rises, I have already grabbed their lifetime membership.

Cons – Lack Of Shorter Jingles

Compared to the stock music service I used before, Audiio does not have many 5-10 seconds jingles, which are useful for short ads, logos, and game menus. I hope this will improve in the future. 

Audiio Coupon Code for 70%off and USD100 discount (limited time offer)

If you decide to use Audiio, you can click my affiliate link and input the coupon code “PRO70” during checkout to enjoy 70% off for the Audiio Pro plan; or enter the coupon code “SAVE100” for a USD100 discount on the LifeTime Music plan. Or, try “LT249” to buy the LifeTime Music plan at USD249.

Audiio Coupon Code for 10% Off

In case the above have expired, you can still this code “Save10” to knock 10% off when you check out.


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