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How Pissing On The Toilet Seat Might Affect Your Offspring

by | 2021-04-02 | Animations

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An eccentric animation showing how pissing on the toilet seat might affect one's offspring. Warning: Some might find the topic disgusting. Do not watch while eating. Some solutions to this toilet-seat-piss problem are provided at the end of the video. Scroll to the bottom to see more related information.
I Just Want to Earn Your Approval

I Just Want to Earn Your Approval

Follow Us!Am I Good Enough? Whenever DDmeow can't finish his food, Gigi would say, "There are many less fortunate kids starving, so you must cherish your food. Finish it all!" Although her saying isn't entirely logical, hearing it...

How Pissing On The Toilet Seat Might Affect Your Offspring?

 *Warning: Some might find the topic disgusting. Do not watch while eating*

One day, DDmeow’s dad takes out a big dragon and aims at the toilet bowl.

Roarrrrrrr~~~~~ Pisssssss~~~!

The dragon’s yellow vomit is raining down like a waterfall. Suddenly, its path splits…

DDmeow’s dad tries to steer the dragon… to the left… no, to the right… Uh oh! Now the yellow liquid is all over the place.

The twin waterfall runs for a while before the dragon runs out of juice. Sob sob…

DDmeow’s dad takes a final look at his masterpiece – a shiny golden throne – then he shrugs and leaves.

DDmeow’s mum seizes this opportunity and storms into the bathroom. She should be able to avoid the following incident if she doesn’t have some urgent matters to take care of.

Not noticing the golden juice on the floor, she slips…

Her head lands on the floor. With the lubricating yellow juice, she gains momentum and slides forwards.

While trying to swing herself up, she hits a wall and bounces off into the… toilet bowl… with her head down.

Now she is all wet and furious.

She shakes the liquid off her hair, stables herself, tosses a soap into the air, and slices it into pieces with her claws.

 “Shurikens!” She shouts while throwing the soap pieces at the culprit – the dad. “Ding! Ding! Ding!” the shurikens hit the wall as dad dodges them.

When he thinks he’s off the hook, she jumps on him. A sprawling fight begins.

The whole building is shaken, causing debris to fall.

As we zoom out, we can see that their fighting puff and their family picture are positioned side by side. It’s so ironic. Aren’t they supposed to be a happy family?

Further away is DDmeow, their only kid, scared and shivering before his desk. He can no longer focus on his studies.

As the fight continues, the family picture cracks, signifying the end of a happy family.

Parents fight, children cry. Pee carefully, keep your family happy.

Suggested solutions:

  1. pee closer
  2. clean up after use
  3. sit to pee
  4. kneel down to pee

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