Psycho Bathroom is a boss rush game with a dark comedic storyline about outcasts, hopes and friendships. Your job as a toothbrush is to fight toilet plumes and protect your master. Along the way, you’ll upgrade your gear, meet new buddies and learn the absurd world through your master’s story.

Genre: 2D Action / Boss Fight

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We play games and make games! Come play our indie game or watch our animations. Read our gaming blog for indie game recommendations. Types of games we blog about include 2D action games, story-rich RPG, emotional narrative games, and non-motion sick VR games. You may also follow our indie game dev journey by reading our game dev blog. It contains our game dev note as we learn our game development skill. Want to know our game development progress? It is documented in our game devlogs.

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We play games and make games!


We love weird stories and fun games. So why not mesh the two together? Presented here are some weird (yeah, pretty sure they’re weird) and fun (hmm, hopefully you’ll find them fun too) games we made! Come follow our Steam page too!

Game Dev Blog

That will include our game dev notes and devlogs of the games we develop. They are mainly for us to document our own progress. Anyone interested can also follow our game dev journey.


Animations we made before we switched path to game dev. They are the seeds of our current and coming games ideas. It’s possible that we will make new animations once in a while. They will be posted here.

Gaming Blog

Writing about games we love, especially indie games. Why we love them, or how we play them.


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About DDmeow

DDmeow Games is a team of two females full of weird ideas and stories waiting to be expressed. Animations and games would make good vessels for those thoughts. We started making Youtube animations in 2018 and hit a block in 2020 (YouTube algorithm and COPPA issues). We thought, well, that’s an excellent time to pursue another dream – game-making! Yay! It doesn’t mean we will stop making animation for good. It just means our priority is with games now.

DDmeow is our team mascot. It stands for Dog Dog Meows – a dog that meows.

This fictional character (of course!) comes from a planet in Andromeda Galaxy, which is approximately 2.5 million light-years away from Earth. Our games and animations are set on this planet as well as Earth. Timelines include the period before and after DDmeow’s immigration to Earth. His story will be told bit by bit in different animations and games.



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